Valentine Crafts for Kids – Easy Heart Garland


This pretty Valentine’s Day garland is as easy as it is and fun to make. All you need is some heart-shaped cookie cutters in various sizes, invisible bead cord, and some glue dots or tape, and voila! You’ll have a festive garland you can hang anywhere to add some Valentine’s Day fun.

Kids will love cutting out the hearts and gluing them onto the cord, and will be proud to show off their work when they’re done. Let’s get started!

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Recycled DIY Valentine’s Day Cards!


You don’t have to spend lots of money on supplies for Valentine’s Day. We made these adorable cards using materials found around the house. From old Christmas cards, to brown paper bags- you won’t believe how easy it is to turn trash into treasure! Plus, these valentines are cute and simple enough to give out to your child’s class!

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Easy, Beautiful Vellum Stars Ornaments


How pretty are these stars ornaments? The trick is to use vellum paper, which is translucent and lets light through. (Just wait till the sunlight shines through them; they will look like they glow!) You can find gorgeous, affordable vellum paper through Paper and More, an online retailer that offers sample packs of vellum and other fine papers in various beautiful colors.

These ornaments are easy to make, beautiful, and kid-friendly too! They won’t break, and can be made in minutes with no fuss or mess. Here’s how you can create these vellum stars.

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