Easy, Beautiful Vellum Stars Ornaments


How pretty are these stars ornaments? The trick is to use vellum paper, which is translucent and lets light through. (Just wait till the sunlight shines through them; they will look like they glow!) You can find gorgeous, affordable vellum paper through Paper and More, an online retailer that offers sample packs of vellum and other fine papers in various beautiful colors.

These ornaments are easy to make, beautiful, and kid-friendly too! They won’t break, and can be made in minutes with no fuss or mess. Here’s how you can create these vellum stars.



First, get the materials to make these stars ornaments. You will need the following:

  • vellum paper in various pretty colors
  • star shape paper punch
  • glue dots
  • embroidery floss or thread in various colors (preferably to match the colors of the ornaments)



First, punch out some stars. (You will need three for each ornament.)



Fold stars in half. Glue two stars together and then add the embroidery floss. Add more glue dots and glue on the third star.



Make stars in various colors.



Once you have several ornaments in different colors, hang them on a tree or anywhere in the house for a festive look.

These stars are so pretty, you can keep them all-year round as decoration on a desk or shelf (put some in a bowl or arranged in a bunch). Enjoy!