Adorable Easter Egg Ducks!


How cute are these ducks!? Made from plastic Easter eggs, and a few other inexpensive materials, these egg ducks aren’t just adorable- they’re functional too! Fill them with candy, stickers, or clues for an Easter scavenger hunt. Plus, they are super fun and easy to make!



  • Yellow plastic Easter eggs
  • Googly eyes
  • 1/2 sheet orange foam paper (orange oak tag works too)
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Hot glue gun (you can also use regular craft glue)


Begin by drawing the shape of the feet and beak onto the orange paper. The feet look like a wide, rounded heart and the beak should look like a fat, rounded “D.”



Use scissors to cut out your shapes.



Using glue gun, place a large circle of glue on the bottom of the “heart.”



Secure the bottom of an Easter egg to the glue, so that the hinge on the egg is facing backwards and the orange “feet” stick out in front.



Now glue the beak to your duck, placing the flat part against the egg wherever you would like the beak to be.



Finish off your adorable duckling by gluing the googly eyes above the beak. Make a whole flock of ducks and fill them with whatever Easter treats you like!