Beautiful and Simple DIY Easter Baskets





These gorgeous Easter baskets are surprisingly easy to make, and only require a few basic materials! They can be used as a fun Easter craft for school-aged children, or as party favors, Easter decorations, or a present from the Easter Bunny- the possibilities are endless! Click below for easy step-by-step instructions!



  • 2 different colored pieces of paper or card stalk
  • Scissors
  • Tape or glue (tape is easier to work with, but the glue looks nicer in the end)
  • A pencil
  • A ruler



Choose the color you would like to use for the base of your basket. Using the ruler measure and cut a 7.5 X 7.5 inch square.



Fold the square in thirds one way, and then open up the paper.



Now fold in thirds the other way so that the folds create a grid of nine squares.



Cut out each corner square, as shown above.



Cut each of the four flaps into four strips, so that the cut stops at the edge of the center square.



Using the other piece of paper cut five strips about 11″ long and half an inch wide.



Tape or glue one of the strips to the inside of one of the flaps on your basket, so that the long strip is flush with the edge of the center square on your basket.



Now begin weaving the strip into your basket, as shown above.



When you go around the corners make sure to bring the two perpendicular flaps together to form the corner. It may help to make a small bend with the strip you are weaving with at the corner to give the basket a more square shape. You may also find it helpful to tape or glue the strip to the back of some of the flaps in order to secure the strip in place.



Continue weaving the entire strip around the bottom of your basket. Tape or glue the end of the strip to the inside of the basket.



Take another strip, this time attaching it to the back of the next flap to create a woven effect.



Weave this strip around your basket so that it sits right on top of your first strip. Attach it to the inside of your basket as you did the first.



Continue this same process with two more strips, leaving no more than half an inch of unwoven space at the top.


IMG_1051Using your second color (the one you cut the strips from) cut an 11″ strip with one flat edge and one wavy edge.



Attach this strip to the top of your basket by lining up the top edge of the basket about 1/4″ from the flat edge of the strip, as shown above. Tape or glue in place.



Wrap the remainder of this strip around the top of your basket.



Secure the end of the strip with glue or tape.



Use the last strip that you have already cut to create the handle. Tape or glue each end to the inside of your basket.



Ta-da! You have finished your Easter basket! It is adorable just like this, or you keep reading for a few quick steps on how to make paper flowers to decorate your basket with.



What you will need for the flowers:

  • 2 or 3 colors of plain paper
  • 1 piece decorative paper
  • Flower paper punches and hole punch (or scissors to make your own flowers)
  • Glue stick



Cut small flowers from the decorative paper, and even smaller ones from the plain paper. Use the hole punch to create dots from a dark color of paper. Layer the smaller flower on top of the bigger one, and place the dot in the center. Glue together, and then glue the flowers to the side of your basket.


You’re done! But don’t stop there- have fun making lots of these adorable baskets in different color combinations. Fill them with candy or other Easter treats, or put in some pretty colored tissue paper and use your baskets as beautiful Easter decorations!