Felt Christmas Tree


This beautiful felt Christmas tree may look complicated, but it is simple enough for you and your school age child to make in just a few quick steps! Keep reading to find out how to make this adorable Christmas tree!




  • 1 piece of green felt
  • 1 piece green oak tag
  • Colorful beads
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors



Begin by making the base of your tree. To do this roll the oak tag into a cone shape and secure with the glue gun or with tape.



Now trim the bottom so that the cone stands up straight, like a tree!



Cut out strips from the felt with one straight edge and one wavy edge.



Make a stripe of glue along the straight edge of one of the strips.



Wrap this strip around the base of your cone with the wavy side on the bottom, so that the bottom edge of the cone is completely covered. Snip any excess felt.



Repeat this step by wrapping another strip around your cone so that the bottom of this strip covers the top of the last. Continue layering the felt until the entire cone is covered.


(HINT: use the scraps you trim from the felt to cover the top portion of the tree, where the diameter is smaller).



Now use the glue gun to glue the beads onto your tree so that they look like ornaments.

Your tree is totally cute and festive as is, OR you can keep reading to learn how to add a sparkly star to the top!




  • Glue stick
  • Yellow paper star
  • Gold glitter



Cover one side of the star with glue.



Place the star glue, side up, on a piece of scrap paper. Cover star with glitter.



Poke the star into the top of your Christmas tree and you’re done!


Don’t stop here! Make more trees and let your child’s creativity flow by decorating with different materials. From glitter to ribbon to pom poms- the possibilities are endless!