Paper Christmas Tree Decoration



These adorable Christmas trees are a fun and festive way to celebrate the holiday season. Plus, they are extremely easy to make! Place them on the mantle, use them as a table centerpiece, or even hang them up to spruce up the wall. Click below for a step by step tutorial on how you and your child can create your very own!




  • 2 pieces of forest green oak tag
  • 1 piece of red paper
  • Paper stars
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glitter glue
  • Hole punch



Begin by fan-folding both pieces of green oak tag in thirds, as shown above.



Now tape the two pieces together along the short edges.



Fold your paper up so only one panel is exposed. Draw a Christmas tree, like the one we did above! Just make sure the bottom two sets of branches continue off of the panel, which will allow the trees to stay connected.



Cut out your Christmas tree, again making sure you do not completely cut the folds on the bottom two sets of branches. Open up your folded trees- they should look something like this!



Now place a small dot of glue on the top of each tree, and secure a star to each glue dot.



Now let your child have fun “trimming the tree!” Use the glitter glue to make a garland for your trees.



Add some silver lines too!



Use the hole punch to make red dots. Now make one more “garland” with glue, and place the red dots along the line of glue.



Let your trees dry, and you’re done! Make a few more and tape them all together for an extra long tree garland. Or have fun decorating more trees with different colors and materials!