Rainbow Loom Snowflake


We’ve been going Rainbow Loom crazy and can’t wait to show you our very first creation! This adorable snowflake is super easy to make and can be used as a pendant, a key chain, or as a cute holiday decoration! Keep reading for simple instructions on how to make your very own!




  • Rainbow Loom and hook
  • White bands
  • 12 small white beads



Begin by placing your first band four pegs up from the bottom in the middle row. This will be the band your snowflake hangs from.



Next, place a band starting on the fifth peg and stretch it up and to the left.



Now place a band around the fifth peg and stretch it up and to the right, going counter clockwise.



Continue placing bands in a counter-clockwise fashion to complete the hexagon.



This is what your loom should look like!



Now take a band and thread it through a bead so the bead is half way down the band.



Repeat this with five more of the beads, so that you have six in total.



Take the beaded band and place the top loop of the band over the bottom left peg of your hexagon, and the bottom loop of the band over the peg directly below.



Repeat this on the remaining five pegs of your hexagon, as shown above.



Use your hook to grab the bottom loop of one of the beaded bands.



Pinch the bead with your other hand and wrap the bottom loop around the peg the top loop is attached to, so that the top and bottom loops of the band meet and are holding the bead in place.



Repeat on the remaining five beaded bands.



Thread bands through the remaining six beads, just as you did in the previous steps.



Place the bottom loop of one of these bands around the bottom center peg, and the top loop around the middle peg.



Repeat this with the remaining five beaded bands going in a CLOCKWISE fashion.*

(*NOTE: it is very important to place bands in this order. If you don’t, they will get all tangled up when you go to hook them!)



Now take a band and make a double loop.



Place the double loop on the center peg.


IMG_6147Now take your hook, reach under the double loop in the center, and hook the last beaded band you placed on the center peg (this should be the band on the bottom left of the hexagon).



Pull the band up, through the center of the double loop and wrap it around the bottom left peg so that both ends of the same loop meet.



Repeat this step with the remaining five beaded bands going in a CLOCKWISE fashion, so that you end with the bottom, center band.



Locate the band stretching between the two left-most pegs (it should be the second band from the bottom). Using your hook, reach down through the bottom left peg and grab the band.



Pull the band up through the peg…



… and wrap it around the top left peg.



Going in a CLOCKWISE fashion, do the same with the next four bands so that you stop on the bottom center peg.



Now locate the band stretching from the bottom center peg to the bottom left peg. Using your hook pull the top of the band up through the bottom left peg and pull it down to the bottom center peg.



This is what your loom should look like- almost done!



Use your hook to reach down and grab the bottom band on the bottom center peg and pull it down to the peg directly below.



Now hook the bottom band on that lower hook and bring it up through the top band.



Pull the band off of the peg so that the hooked part of the band is coming through the band you just removed.

You’re done- just remove your snowflake from the loom!



It may look like more of a snowball at first.



So push the middle beads down and arrange them in the center, and pull the edge beads out to form the six points of your snowflake.



These adorable snowflakes are so fun to make, why not create a few more?