Starburst Candy Wrapper Bracelet


This fun bracelet combines two of my favorite things: candy and recycling! Plus, your childĀ  will get to practice folding, weaving, and making colorful patterns. Keep reading to find out how to use old Starburst candy wrappers to create this adorable and colorful bracelet with your child!



  • About 30 Starburst candy wrappers in different colors
  • 6″ piece of thin ribbon



Begin by folding a wrapper in half the long way.



Fold in half the long way again, then open so there is a crease in the middle.



Now fold each edge in to meet the middle crease.



Fold in half along the middle crease so that the flaps are on the inside of the fold.



Now fold in half the short way.



Fold each end in the meet at the fold you just made.



Repeat the previous steps with all of your Starburst candy wrappers.


IMG_5992Take two different-colored, folded wrappers. Poke the two flaps of one of the wrappers into the openings in the two flaps of the other wrapper, as shown above. Push the wrapper all the way through. This step can seem tricky, but you are basically just threading one wrapper into the next.



These two wrappers should form a 90 degree angle. Holding the attached wrappers in one hand, insert the next folded wrapper just as you did the first one. Again, push this wrapper all the way through. Your bracelet should now be forming into a zig-zag shape.



Continue with this pattern until you have used all of your wrappers, or the bracelet fits comfortably around your child’s wrist.



Now for the closure- start by threading one end of the ribbon through the hole in one of the flaps on your last wrapper. Repeat with the other end of the ribbon through the other flap.



Pull both ends of the ribbon tight.



Your closure should look like this!



Now take the two ends and thread them through the slots in the wrapper at the other end of your bracelet, like this.



Tie the ribbon in a bow, and you’re almost done- all you have left to do is eat all those yummy Starbursts!