Valentine Crafts for Kids – Easy Heart Garland


This pretty Valentine’s Day garland is as easy as it is and fun to make. All you need is some heart-shaped cookie cutters in various sizes, invisible bead cord, and some glue dots or tape, and voila! You’ll have a festive garland you can hang anywhere to add some Valentine’s Day fun.

Kids will love cutting out the hearts and gluing them onto the cord, and will be proud to show off their work when they’re done. Let’s get started!


You’ll only need a few materials to make this pretty garland:

  • card stock paper or construction paper (I used red, fuchsia, and light pink)
  • heart-shaped cookie cutters or paper punches in various sizes
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue dots or tape (Glue dots are easy to use and are less visible, but tape will do just as well.)
  • invisible bead cord (NOTE: If you don’t have invisible bead cord, you can use a thin red ribbon or some embroidery floss or thread; the bead cord makes the hearts look like they’re floating in air but the garland will still look pretty even if you can see the lines between the hearts.)



Use the cookie cutters to trace out the hearts and cut them out. Make several hearts in different colors and sizes to add variety to the garland.



Put the bead cord along the center of the heart vertically and add glue dots or tape to hold it in place. Keep adding different sizes and colors of hearts, varying the colors and sizes as you go.



And there you have it: A pretty Valentine’s Day garland to add a festive touch to your home. Make several and hang them all around the house!